•  LIB (Secondary Lithium Battery)
  •  Activated carbon, Graphite
  •  Pigments
  •  Polymer
  •  Medicine
  •  Chemicals



The ACM Pulverizer is a fine impact mill with a built-in classifier, widely used for many applications with over 2500 units sold throughout the world. Adjusting the rotating speed of the grinding rotor and the classifying rotor can easily control the product size. There are many models of the ACM. The ACM-A model can yield products with average particle sizes of 10-100μm, with the high speed (peripheral speed of 130m/s).

ACM-H:Required finer products, and/or require constant cleaning.

ACM-A:The ACM-A is the standard ACM model, with many references and can be applied to a wide variety of applications.

ACM-2EC: The 2EC model has an easy disassembly and cleaning compact structure that allows the unit to be installed in small spaces.