HOSOKAWA Micron Fluidized Bed Opposed Jet Mills AFG




  • Ceramic materials such as oxides, carbides, nitrides, silicates
  • Abrasives, polishing and lapping compounds
  • High-performance magnetic materials based on rare earth metals such as neodymium iron boron and samarium cobalt.
  • Highly pure materials, e.g. fluorescent powders, silica gels.
  • Plant protectors
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Resins, wax
  • Pigments and dyestuff
  • Mineral powders
  • Selectively ground composite materials such as metal alloys.



Specifications (AFG Model):

Single-/multi-wheel classifier head

Monobloc ceramic classifying wheels

Stainless steel or mild steel

Horizontal or 3D nozzle arrangement

Lining: PU, ceramic, special-grade steel

Hot-gas mode for mineral products

Load cells for product level control

Megajet nozzles

Explosion-pressure-shock-proof to 1.1MPa with type test certificate as defined in 94/9/EC

Pharma design up to machine size 630 AFG

Closed-circuit gas systems for pyrophoric products.